lightOS: 5 Star Gold Award
   Your web site exhibits quality in both resource and design and reflects many hours of hard work and dedication.
Manic Automatic: hard-earned Platinum Award
   Your efforts have yielded an easily-navigated, interesting Internet experience. Your use of layers and graphics is excellent, and the site is well-deployed. Certainly, your site adheres to our principals of "overall excellence"...
IAS & Manjushri Mandala: Kindness Award 2000
   May our Tibetan dragon-king ('drug dru') grant you even more wisdom, energy, success, creativity, health, prosperity and a long life.
Pegasus Art Gallery: Gold Web Award
   The layout, design and content of your site have a clean aesthetic quality that emits an air of artistry and style. The colors are appealing and complement your images. Navigation is excellent and straight forward, graphics and titling are attractive. Your html code was great, and your skill with Java and Flash are commendable. Great essence!
G.M.Designs: Elite Site Award 2000
   "You are our first "Elite Site Award" recipient for the new millenium!! Your site is outstanding!! ...Great job"
Rothchild Corporation: Webmasters Website Excellence Award 2000
   "...we have examined you website and would like to say that it passed! With flying colors! WOW I had a few people hanging around my computer looking at your site - VERY NICE ONE OF THE BEST WE'VE SEEN!"
МТУ-Интел: суппортификат качества "Отличный стиль"
   "...Excellent Style ST0107"
Dragonfly Landing: Odonata Award for Creativity
   "...have just been exploring your fine web-site, one worth many visits... you and your team are very creative indeed"
WebCorp FX: Sharp Links
   "Nice and clean site with cool a Flash splash page."
Nu-Horizons Design Studio: Business Achievement Award
   "Needless to say, your site's presentation, content and professionalism are above reproach..."
Nu-Horizons Design Studio: Webmaster Excellence Award
   "...we applaud your unique graphic applications and, with this in mind, we are pleased to give you two of our awards in recognition of a job well done."
Lunar Media: Millenium Bronze Award
   They wrote nothing :(
Oklahoma: "OUTSTANDING" Web Page Excellence Award
   "You have won our top site for the month of December Award... Your site shows the results of a lot of time and hard work invested"
Loadstar's Lair: Silver Web Design Award
   "You have a beautiful site which is well-presented and highly enjoyable... Sites like yours make the Web a fascinating and informative..."
Wishing Well: Web Page Excellence award
   "Not all sites are deemed worthy of this prestigious award... enjoyable content, is pleasant to view... Nice job! You are to be commended for your all your hard work." Web Site of Distinction
   "Very excellent site... Great eye for the visual layout"
Majon Web Select: esteemed "Seal of Excellence Award"
   "...we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site!"
Sterling Designs: Sterling Silver Award
   " of the better black and white compositions we have seen on the web"
Team Creations: Silver Award
   "...your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our award"
JoyZine: JoyZine's Wonderful Website Award
   "...beautiful, clean design and good use of web technology ...very impressive work"
J.Hobrath Art Studio: Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Award
   "I had fun checking out your site, keep up the good work..." Surreal Web Site Award
   "We have reviewed your site and were impressed with it's content, creativity, and overall benefit to the web."
Otakou New Zealand Online: Otakou Creative Design Award
   "...thank you for providing me with pleasure during my visit to your web site... awarded with a rating 87/100"
3moons Castle Keep: Silver Award of Excellence
   "Thank you from the judging staff at 3moons Castle Keep for allowing us the pleasure to review your site. We are delighted to present you with a Silver Award of Excellence!"
WS: Week Award
   "You are one of the 5 winners of the site of the Week Award. Just keep on to go with the good work."
Quatec Solutions: Quatec Website Design Award
   " outstanding artistic flair, careful and concise design, and a wealth of information... your site only enhances the originality of our Internet community..."
JAMADACAI: Business on the Web Award
   " is much appreciated"
Mix: Mix Silver Award for Web Excellence
   "...nicely laid out and designed, with stylish and well crafted graphics"
Orchid Lady: Orchid Award for Page Excellence
   " excellent page"
FVW: Gold Award
   "...for a very nice personal site and very good design. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again."
Critical Mass: Critical Mass Award
   "...a very nice site, excellent design, beautiful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)"
Netprobe: Netprobe Platinum Award
   "...your site is a great example of a well-designed site. The graphics and navigation all are exceptional"
Silvana's: Gold Site Award
   " is my pleasure to present you with my Gold Site Award, for a job well done..."
Faye-Linda McGovern: Chandra's Survivor's Award
   "...a lot of fun exploring it. You have done a wonderful job!"
Submission Spider: Award
   "...after reviewing your site, we would like to present you with our Spider Award." Award of Excellence
   "...very well designed with good layout, eye catching graphics and well written HTML code ...your site is indeed worthy of the Award of Excellence... Congratulations on a job well done."
Oklahoma: "Gold Medal" Web Page Excellence Award
   " excellent site in fact, with nice design, very good use of graphics and very informative... one of the most interesting ones we have seen... a cut above the rest"
DW Enterprises: Webpage Approval Award
   "a great award for great webpages..."
Mystic Vision Studio: серебряная Джоконда
   "...все симпатично и весело"
Starlight: Elite Site Design Award
   " given out to pages that have advanced webpage design and layout"
Coyote Graphics: The Howl of a Good Site Award
   "...NICE SITE!"